Match Rules


  • A team consists of 6 athletes + 1 spare
  • Any combination of male / female
  • Spare must weigh-in, but only competes in case of injury


  • Athletes must be a member of the club they represent
  • Athletes must be a member in good standing of a provincial governing body


  • Starts 45 minutes prior to competition
  • Home team weighs in first
  • Starting attempts are provided at weigh-in
  • Athletes weigh-in one time only – no re-weighs


  • There are no weight classes
  • Scoring is based on a modified version of the CWFHC Senior Markers
  • Marker values are calculated for each athlete’s exact bodyweight
  • An athlete’s score is their total divided by their marker, expressed as a percent
  • A team’s score is the total of all 6 athlete scores


  • Athletes are ranked based on their starting attempt scores and divided into 2 groups
  • Group 1 – the 3 lower ranked athletes from each team
  • Group 2 – the 3 higher ranked athletes from each team

Match Schedule

  • Group 1 Snatches
  • Group 2 Snatches
  • break ( 5 – 10 minutes )
  • Group 1 Clean & Jerks
  • Group 2 Clean & Jerks

Round System

  • Lifting order is determined by first attempts provided at weigh-in – lowest to highest
  • Each athlete in a group takes their first attempt
  • Each athlete then takes their second attempt, and finally their third attempt
  • Lifting order is maintained for second and third attempts, regardless of weight
  • Athletes are expected to provide their next weight ASAP after each attempt
  • Changes are permitted, but once an athlete is called, the weight cannot be changed
  • Lifting order is recalculated for C & J based on first attempts provided at weigh-in